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Annual cost of child poverty for Puerto Rico

It affects the country’s productivity and coming at a great cost for all.

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How much is child poverty costing us? What can we do about it?

Puerto Rico stands at a critical moment as it carves its future. The economic model that guided development for decades is no longer feasible and our children now carry an even heavier load over their shoulders.

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A Future of Child Poverty: How Much It Costs and What We Can Do About It

This report:

  • Presents evidence on the impacts of poverty on Puerto Rican children


  • Quantifies the annual cost of child poverty


  • Develops a road map to significantly reduce poverty in 3 to 10 years 

This report was possible through the contributions of Filantropía Puerto Rico and Anne E. Casey Foundation. 

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How much does child poverty costs us?

Cost of Child Poverty, 2017 (in millions)

















Lost earnings



Tablas_ING-Costo Pobreza 2017.png

Cost of Child Poverty and Cost of Solutions

Poverty Cost

Policy Cost

Policy Combination 1 Cost Comparison







Year 3

Year 5

Year 10

Poverty Cost

Policy Cost

Policy Combination 2 Cost Comparison







Year 3

Year 5

Year 10

Costo de la pobreza

Costo de la Política Pública

Policy Combination 3 Cost Comparison







Año 3

Año 5

Año 10


Roadmap Towards Decreasing Child Poverty


Poverty Reduction Percentage at 10 year mark 100%

Number of children lifted out of poverty

Maintain the local Earned Income Tax Credit at its current levels

Extend the Federal Child Tax Credit to families with one or two children

Create a Welfare-to-Work Opportunity Tax Credit

11,494 children


Tax Policies


13,793 children

4,215 children


Tax Policies

Expand government-subsidized jobs for parents and youth

Create a universal child allowance program ($150 per child)

13,410 children


Economic and Work Policies